Studio Recording Equipment:

Trident 24 Series 28 channel 24 bus w/TT patch bay
Custom made GMPS 18 Power Supply
Otari MTR 90 - 24 track 2" Analog Tape Machine
Ampex 440c 1/4” 2 Track Tape Machine
1980 Fender Rhodes Stage Electric Piano
Neve 33609/C Stereo Compressor
Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor
Rupert Neve 5043 Duo Compressor/Limiter (2)
Rupert Neve Portico II Channel
BAE 1073 Mic Pre with 1084 EQ section
DBX 1074 Quad Noise Gate
Chandler ltd Germanium Compressor
UREI LA-4 Compressor-Black Face (2)
UREI LA-4 Compressor-Silver Face (2)
Audio Scape Stereo Buss Compressor
Audio Scape 76A Compressor
Warm Audio WA76
Audio Scape 6386 EDITION V-COMP MU Compressor
Tascam SS-R200 2 Tracks Recorder
Eventide GTR 400
Eventide Eclipse
Eventide H3000
JBL LSR 28P Bi-Amplified Reference Monitors
JBL Studio monitor 4410 Pair
Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
Crown D75-A Power Amp (2)
Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink
Whirlwind ISO 8 Line Isolator (4)

SE RT1-Ribbon Tube Microphone
AKG D112 Large Diaphragm Microphone (2)
AKG C 418 Drum Condenser Microphone (4)
Shure KSM137 condenser microphone (2)
Electro Voice RE20 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
Sennheiser MD-421 Professional Microphone (2)
Beyerdynamics M160 Ribbon Microphone
AKG C 1000S Microphones (2)
Shure SM57 Microphones (2)
Royer R101 Microphone
E Voodoo VR-1 Microphone
Sennheisser 609

Computers & Software:
Mac Mini Maverick OSX 16 Gig RAM
Pro Tools 10
MOTU 896 HD Interface
Various Plug Ins (too many to list)
Akai Miniak Keyboard
Stormbreakz by East/West
Mini Moog V
Koncept & Function
Motu Symphonic Instruments
Operating Table (East/West)
Stylus RMX & Classic
First Call Horns
Dread Roots Reggae
Epic Drums

78' Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top with Seymour Duncan mini Humbuckers
97' Gibson Custom Les Paul Alpine White with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers
99 Gibson Standard Les Paul (1960 Reissue) signed by famous guitarists
2014 Floyd Rose International OT-3 w/EVH Frankenstein & EVH Wolfgang Pick Ups
1989 Yamaha Attitude Bass with Di Marzio Billy Sheehan neck p’up & Steve Harris Seymour Duncan p'up
2012 Ibanez 8 String RGA8
1999 Guild Acoustic DCE 1 guitar with L.R. Baggs Dual Source Microphone pick-ups
1998 Ovation Celebrity 12 string
1983 Kramer Cherry Custom Strat with Seymour Duncan pick-ups
1984 Kramer Van Halen Red Candy Cane Stripes Signature Series
1981 Custom made Ibanez Roadstar II with Floyd Rose Blue Marble Paint finish
1982 Ibanez Roadstar with Floyd Rose White with Zebra Stripe Pick Guard
1980 Ibanez Artist Series electric
2019 Custom made SG with Seymour Duncan Jimmy Page pick up-bridge and Pearly Gates-neck

Ludwig John Bonham 5 piece set
Tama Siverstar 4 piece Cocktail Set
Zildjian ZBT Hi Hat, China & Ride Cymbals
Remo Djembe, designed by Leon Mobley
Various Percussion, Guiro, Shakers, Cowbell, etc.

Keeley Ibanez Tube Screamer TS 808
Dan Armstrong Green Ringer
Dunlap Hendrick Wah
Dunlap Talkbox
Dunlop Uni-Vibe
Boss Phrase shifter PH-3
Boss Super Octave OC-3
DOD FX 65 Stereo Chorus
Original MXR Distortion Plus
Electro Harmonix - Mini QTron
EVH MXR Phase 90
Snarling Dog Mold Spore wah
Snarling Dog Whine-O-Wah
Ibanez Tube King TK999US
DigiTech Whammy Pedal

1979 Mesa Boogie Mark II B 1x12 combo
Marshall Plexi Head with Mark Cameron Modified High Gain
EVH 5150 III Head
1975 Marshall cabinet with 4 x 12" vintage Celestion 30's
2013 EVH 5150 III 50-Watt
2014 Orange 2x12 cabinet with Vintage 30’s
1999 Orange Amp AD 15 Combo 1 x 12" with G12EVH with 12” Celestion speaker
Fender Prosonic Head
Marshall MF400 4x12 cabinet with Celestion 75 Watt speakers
Ampeg MICRO-CL Bass Stack
Gibson G10 Solid State With Vibrato
Weber Mini Mass Attenuator
Weber Mass Attenuator